Every single day counts at Crofton Infants’ School. The governing body and staff hold firm the belief that children who miss school miss out. Lost learning through absence or poor punctuality leads to lost progress throughout school. We expect all children to be in school and on time every day, and we expect parents to work with us in order to achieve high standards of attendance and punctuality for their children.

Attending school every day is essential if children are to benefit fully from the everything school has to offer both academically and socially. It is also important that children learn the importance of good punctuality as part of their preparations for the future


  • 8.50 the school opens its doors to children and signals the start of the school day, we expect children to arrive on time.
  • 9.00am the registration period begins and all external doors are locked.
  • 9:10am the registration period closes. Lessons begin at 9:10am.

Pupils arriving late (after 9:00am) must enter school via the school office. Punctuality is monitored weekly.

Attendance Monitoring

All children’s attendance is monitored. We provide a termly attendance report to help parents keep track of their child’s attendance throughout the year. Parents of pupils who are frequently absent, have a pattern of absent days or whose attendance figure falls below our good attendance threshold will be contacted by school and the Education Welfare Officer.

Authorised absence – Absence due to illness

If your child is unwell and needs to be absent from school

  • We ask that you inform school before 9:30am stating the reason for the absence and when your child is expected to return.
  • Telephone 01924 864711

Authorised Absence – Medical appointments

We request that medical and dental appointments are made outside of the school day or during the school holidays. Where this is not possible parents are required to verify the appointment at the school office with an appointment card/letter. If verification is not provided the absence will not be authorised. Pupils should only be out of school for the minimum amount of time for the appointment.

Unauthorised Absence

Unauthorised absence is that which is not permissible in law, e.g. birthdays, shopping trips, concerts, days out, term time holidays, attending appointments with parents, and any absence where no explanation has been received by the school.

Term Time Holidays

Term time holidays will not be authorised and may incur a penalty notice (fine). Exceptional circumstances will be considered in line with Government guidance and decisions are at the Headteacher’s discretion.

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Crofton Infants On Twitter

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Crofton Infants On Twitter

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Crofton Infants On Twitter

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Crofton Infants On Twitter

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